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Spanish nationality under the Democratic Memory Law

The Law 20/2022 allows those who have Spanish ancestors to access Spanish nationality under certain conditions through the consulate. The Law will be in force only until October 31, 2024. We prepare and review all the documentation for you!

Italian citizenship is granted, without generational limits, to the descendants of Italians who emigrated through jus sanguinis, whereby the children of an Italian father or mother are Italian. We assist you in processing your Italian citizenship, taking care of all the requirements and necessary documentation for the procedure.

A visa that allows you to live in Spain with your family while working remotely for a non-Spanish company. Quick processing and initial concession for 3 years.

An excellent option to enjoy the pleasant weather, culture, beautiful cities, and delicious Spanish cuisine.

Make your dream come true by enhancing your knowledge at the best universities in the world.

Investing in education at any level is always a good idea!
We advise you to make your application process successful and efficient.

We provide comprehensive services in the Real Estate sector. Invest in high-yield cities in Europe with the help of experts.

If you're also looking for a second passport, process your investor visa or Golden Visa in Spain through real estate investment.

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